Lurbel Challenges (Desafío Lurbel)

Lurbel Challenges are recreational and sports events, organized within Lurbel. Therefore, they will not only offer the possibility of running a race but also of enjoying different leisure experiences linked to Trail Running and contact with nature.

As implied by the word itself, Lurbel Challenge entails a challenge, a self-improvement, and requires a good training, as they are aggressive high-demanding races.


They have elements and values shared by the technical material provided by the firm and with which People Sapiens also identifies. We like researching into the environment, being part of it and enjoying with the high-quality technical material. That is why we are its main sponsor in order to create more incredible and better experiences for all Sapiens people.


Through our online shop you will find the official Lurbel Challenge products. If you join to this dare is an experience you will not regret.


Desafío Lurbel official web site

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