Bad smells on your sportswear?

Vida Sapiens: Bad smells in your sportswear?

Bad smells…?

People, in everyday life, sweat… But in the practice of sports and in summer even more sweat, because the excess heat that increases in our body, is counteracted by evaporating water from the body. In the process of regulating body temperature, the entire surface of the skin transpires and removes heat, some parts more than others.

Correct hydration before, during and after exercise, especially in summer, for athletes is very important to counteract fluid loss during exercise.

Perspiration is a natural process of our body and is inevitable and healthy. One of the consequences of sweating is the bad smell it can cause. This bad smell is due to skin bacteria that break down the organic components of sweat, causing the unpleasant smell.

We can always resort to a good shower with soap and water… But after a short time, we will have the sensation of bad smells again. The brand Lurbel, bets to apply a technology in its garments in which it fights these bad smells, we tell you what it consists of.

All Lurbel garments have a grille, developed with silver ionized yarn with a high antibacterial power.  With body heat and humidity, many bacteria thrive, producing unpleasant odours.
Despite washing, the smell remains in the fibers and with the passage of time it is common to have the sensation of smelling even when we put on freshly washed sportswear.

Polyamide fibre is added by a mechanical process with silver ionic particles. The concentration of silver in the fibre is as high as possible trying to balance the adhesion of particles for maximum antibacterial action but without detracting flexibility or resistance to the yarn.
Two threads that become one: an ionized silver yarn covers an elastomer mine that gives it elasticity and firmness. The combination of the elastomer and the silver ionized yarn that covers it gives rise to a single thread. SILVER: The first to value the natural antibacterial properties of silver were the Greeks and Romans, who used it to build water storage tanks to reduce diseases caused by pollution.
The silver ionized polyamide mesh is part of the central structure of all Lurbel garments, like a skeleton.

The mission of this layer is to act as the central structure of all the garments, giving them an antibacterial effect, eradicating bad smells!

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