Terms and Conditions

Part (A) – Terms and Conditions


This page (along with the documents it refers to) contains the Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) of product sales and services (“Products and Services”) shown in our webpage https://www.peoplesapiens.com (the “Web”).


Read them carefully before making any purchase. Placing an Order implies accepting the present Terms and Conditions. You can print them and keep a copy for future consults.

Status: May, the 1st, 2016.


We store the content of all Contracts and send you more information on it by email. Terms and conditions are at your disposal at any time, so you can download them here any time you wish to. For more information on your last Orders, login accessing to “My account”.


1. About us, our Agent and present Terms and Conditions.

1.1 LikeSport 2020 S.L. is a company registered under the number B 98.377.625 at the local court of Valencia, Spain, with tax address in the Industrial Park El Plà, c/Diables 34, 46870 Ontinyent (Valencia), Spain. You can send us your comments or suggestions by email (peoplesapiens@peoplesapiens.com) or calling to +34 673 747 425, from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 21 h, and on Saturday, from 10 to 18 h.


1.2 Present Terms and Conditions regulate the sales to our customers of any of the Products and Services shown in our Web. Placing an Order implies the legally binding acceptation of those Terms and Conditions.


1.3 In the present Terms and Conditions:

a) “Account” refers to the account you must create in the Web to be able to place any Order.

b) “Acknowledgment of receipt” refers to our acknowledgment of receipt of the Order by email.

c) “Failure to meet obligations” refers to what is detailed by clause (b) in the present Terms and Conditions.

d) “Working day” refers to any day not being (i) Saturday or Sunday or (ii) holiday at any part of Spain.

e) “Order Confirmation Email” refers to the email we send you to confirm the validity of your Order.

f) “Contract” refers to the Order of a Product and/or Service in accordance with the present Terms and Conditions that you accept according to what is established in clause 4.9 below.

g) “Customer” refers to the person who places the Order.

h) “Responsibility” refers to what is detailed in clause 10.9 (a) in the present Terms and Conditions.

i) “Order” refers to the Order placed in our Web with the objective of acquiring our Products and/or Services.

j) “You” is the customer who places the Order.

k) “Clauses” are the clauses included in the present Terms and Conditions.

l) The titles of clauses serve only as a reference and will not affect the interpretation of the present Terms and Conditions.

m) Words expressed in singular will include plural and vice versa. Words expressed in a certain gender will include all genders and reference to people will include natural persons, firms, societies, companies or associates.

n) The words “include” o “including” and similar expressions or words will mean “without limits”.


1.4 The present Terms and Conditions are part of our intellectual property. Their total or partial use by third parties with the commercial purpose of offering products or services is not allowed. The breach of this prohibition is subject to legal actions.


2. Your state

To place an order in the Website, you must:

  1. Be at least 16 years old.
  2. Be a consumer, not a distributor.


3. Application

3.1 The present Terms and Conditions will be applicable to any Order or Contract established or to establish with the objective of selling or distributing our Products. Placing an Order or a shipping order o accepting the delivery of Products means the unreserved acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions. None of the present Terms and Conditions will affect your rights as established by law (including the right to require that the Products acquired in a store must match their description, meet their objectives and be of a satisfactory quality).


3.2 The present Terms and Conditions will prevail over any independent subscribed document. Any condition that you submit, propose or stipulate in any format and time, either in writing, by email or orally is excluded.


3.3 Additional terms or modifications of the present Terms and Conditions will not be binding unless otherwise stipulated by People Sapiens in writing and through a signed document.


4. Formalization of Contracts

4.1 To place an Order you must create an account in the Web and follow the instructions on how to place and modify an Order before considering it concluded.


4.2 Regardless of any previous price you have seen, once a Product is selected for your Order its corresponding price will be shown (on the Web), including VAT, if applicable, and any applicable delivery cost. Unless otherwise specified in the Web, all prices will be shown in the legal currency in Spain/Europe at the time of purchase. In accordance with clause 4.11 below, this will be the total amount to be paid for the order placed.


4.3 To complete the purchase process, you must pay the full amount of the order at once. To do this, you can provide us with the data from a valid credit or debit card or use a PayPal account. It is not allowed to use third-party data or payment instruments. In order to warrant the confidentiality and security of data transmitted over the web, People Sapiens uses a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secure payment system. However, we are not obliged to ship the items until we have registered the full payment of the purchase. According to the results from card verification, we reserve the right to not offer you certain methods of payment and redirect you to others.


4.4 To enter data from a card, you must have the right to use it and that card or account must have enough funds to cover the possible payment.


4.5 You have the responsibility that all the data provided in order to purchase Products and Services are correct, that the credit or debit card or the method of payment used belong to you, and that these cards or payment methods have the necessary funds available to cover the cost of the Products and Services. We reserve the right to require a confirmation of payment information before shipping the order.


4.6 Placing of an Order on the Web implies the acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions at the date of placing the Order. You are responsible for reviewing the latest version of these Terms and Conditions when placing your Order.


4.7 I agree to receive invoices and payments for my returns only and exclusively in electronic format.


4.8 The issue of your Order will constitute the execution and entry into force of the Contract for all purposes. For our part, we will be obliged to send you the ordered Products and the Acknowledgement of Receipt of your Order.


4.9 We will initiate the shipping process of the Products and Services when issuing the Acknowledgement of Receipt of the Order. In this Acknowledgement of Receipt, we will provide you with information on the acquired Products and Services and the reference number of your Order. Should the Products and Services are not available, we will contact you in order to cancel the Order or to offer you alternative Products and Services (in which case you should place the order again). If you do not receive the Acknowledgement of Receipt, contact us.


4.10 The document called Order Confirmation Email will contain all the details regarding your purchase. Upon acceptance of your Order, you will receive an invoice, which will not affect your obligation to pay the purchase amount before.


4.11 If, once the Order is concluded, you find that it contains an error, please contact peoplesapiens@peoplesapiens.com immediately. We cannot guarantee its modification, so that if you want to cancel an Order for non-defective products, you should refer to clause 7.


4.12 People Sapiens reserves the right to change the prices of their products. The purchase price will be the current one at the time of closing the transaction.


4.13 The Contract refers only to the Products and Services that are listed in the Order Confirmation Email. We are not obliged to send any of the Products and Services that appear on your Order until we have sent you the Order Confirmation Email concerning them.

4.14 You must provide us, both us and our agent or through our Web, with correct and not fraudulent information. Additionally, you must inform us on any changes occurring in your data.


5. Delivery

5.1 We will deliver the Products to the shipping address provided in your Order.


5.2 We will deliver on the schedule that we set when the Order was placed (and updated in the Order Confirmation Email). However, we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date neither when placing the Order nor in Confirmation Email. The delivery period usually takes between 1 and 3 working days from the date we accept the Order, but we cannot establish a fixed delivery date.


5.3 We will inform you on any delay in Order shipping. However, to the extent permitted by law, we are not responsible for losses, liabilities, costs, damages or charges derived from such delay.


5.4 When delivering the Order, the recipient’s signature may be required. Verify that the product does not present obvious errors, defects or damages before signing and keep the deposit slip for future reference.


5.5 We do not ship to the following destinations: Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands. If this is your case, we will also inform you using the contact details you provide us when placing the Order and proceed to cancel it or to change the shipping address. Only shipments to peninsular Spain and the Balearic Islands are made. Shipping costs are borne by People Sapiens from a minimum purchase.


5.6 We do shipments in our standard packages. Special packages are subject to a surcharge.


5.7 You will accept responsibility for the risks relating to the Products and Services from the time when the delivery is done, except for the delay in shipping due to breach of your obligations. In this case, you will assume the risks from the time that the delivery had been made had there been no such breach. After accepting the risks, we are not responsible for loss or destruction of the Products.


5.8 Be sure not to damage the contents of the package when opening it, especially if using sharp instruments.


5.9 You should make sure that you can receive the Order, without undue delay and reasonably in the established schedule.


5.10 If you are not available to receive the order, we will leave you a card with the instructions to follow for forwarding or package collection from the courier office.


5.11 If delivery or collection is delayed for unjustified rejection or if you do not accept or pick up the package from the courier office (within 2 weeks after the first delivery), we will have to carry out one or both of the following actions (without this affecting any other right or remedy that is in our hands):

  1. a) Charge you for storage costs and any other reasonable cost or expenses that we may have.
  2. b) Do not allow further shipments or remove the Product from the courier office and immediately terminate the applicable Contract. In this case, we will pay the difference between the amount already paid and reasonable administrative expenses that have arisen (including failed delivery and return of the Order, plus storage costs specified in clause 5.11 (a)) to your credit or debit card account.


6. Unavailability of Product

6.1 If the Product is not available, whatever the reason, and the Acknowledgment of receipt of the Order has already been issued, we will contact you immediately in order to offer you a similar Product or to carry out the termination of Contract. Not approving any of the mentioned options implies acceptance of the delay that may occur to the Products (which is subject to the receipt of such Products or to their depletion).


6.2 In case of cancellation of the Order or exhaustion of Products, we will refund the amount paid by the same payment method with which we received it.


7. Cancellation by Customer in case of no defective Products

Information on the exercise of the right of withdrawal

Right of withdrawal

You have the right to withdraw from this contract within 14 days without the need of justification. The withdrawal period will expire at 14 days from the day you or a third party indicated by you, other than the carrier, acquires the material possession of the last one of those goods. To exercise the right of withdrawal, you will notify (to LikeSport 2020 S.L., Industrial Park El Pla c/ Diables 34, 46870, Spain. Tel.: 673 747 425, peoplesapiens@peoplesapiens.com) your decision to withdraw from the contract through a unequivocal statement (e.g. a letter sent by mail or email).


Effects of withdrawal

In case of withdrawal for your part, we will proceed to refund the payments made by you, not being included the delivery costs, without undue delay and, in any case, not later than 14 days from the date on which we are informed of your decision to withdraw from this contract. We will proceed to carry out such reimbursement using the same means of payment used by you for the initial transaction. We may withhold the reimbursement until we have received the goods or you have supplied evidence of the return of goods, whichever condition is met first.


You will have to return or deliver the goods to ourselves or to LikeSport 2020 S.L. Industrial Park El Pla c/ Diables 34, 46870 Ontinyent, Valencia, Spain, without undue delay and, in any case, no later than within 14 days from the date on which you communicate your withdrawal from the contract. The deadline will be considered met if you send back the goods before the deadline of 14 days has expired.


You will only be responsible for the diminished value of the goods resulting from a different handling to the necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.


8. Defective Products

8.1 We guarantee that:

  1. a) The Product will be delivered in perfect conditions and in the amount requested.
  2. b) The Product will conform to the characteristics most recently indicated by the manufacturer, as set out in the Web or in the Product materials description at the time of placing the Order.


8.2 You must take into account the instructions most recently established by the manufacturer or those shown in the Product itself.


8.3 Before proceeding to shipment, we can make small adjustments to colour, material, weight, dimensions, design and other Product characteristics, to a reasonable extent.


8.4 We do everything in our hands to deliver the Products and Services in an optimal state. However, in case of receiving a Product that you consider that is defective, you should keep it in its current state so that we (or our agent) check it out in a reasonable period of time. In case of defective product, the seller will have to proceed, as appropriate, to the repair, replacement, price reduction or contract termination; negotiations that will be free to the consumer and user. The seller takes responsibility for nonconformities communicated within two years from the delivery. The consumer and user must inform the seller of the nonconformity within two months after he has knowledge of it. This clause will apply taking into account the nature of goods traded.


8.5 In order to be able to offer you quick solutions regarding the defective Product, we will ask you the following information to manage the process.

  1. a) A detailed explanation of the defects or damages present in the Product.
  2. b) The delivery note number and other information that we can be useful.


8.6 If, as established by the Contract, you want us to repair or replace the Product or refund you the amount paid, you must ensure that the Product:

  1. a) Has not been incorrectly or negligently used; has not been improperly or carelessly handled, and has not been subjected to abnormal or harmful conditions.
  2. b) Has not been involved in any accident nor damaged attempting to repair or modify it.
  3. c) Has not been used contrary to the established by the manufacturer in the Product instructions.
  4. d) Has not become deteriorated by natural wear after its receipt.


If the product does not meet any of these requirements, we may decide, at our discretion, not to repair nor replace the Product or refund the amount paid and/or we may ask you to refund all the derived transport and review costs according to the current standard rates. To carry out this refund, we may charge the mentioned costs in your credit or debit card account or use the payment details provided when placing the Order. To the extent permitted by law, we are not responsible for losses, liabilities, costs, damages or expenses that may result from the process.


9. Vouchers (vouchers for the Challenge)

9.1 You can use gift or promotional vouchers as a method of payment for your Orders on the Web. In clauses 9.7 and 9.8 you will find more information on promotional and gift vouchers, respectively.


9.2 In the Web section “My user account”, you can exchange vouchers or check your current balance.


9.3 We may send you emails with promotional and gift vouchers. We are not responsible for any possible errors in the email address of the recipient of the voucher.


9.4 Both gift and promotional vouchers are transferable and you can transfer their use and your rights to someone else.


9.5 In case of fraud, attempted fraud or suspected possible illegal activities relating to the purchase of gift vouchers or their exchange on the Web, we have the right to close your account and/or ask you to use another method of payment.


9.6 We are not responsible for loss, theft or illegibility of gift or promotional vouchers.


9.7 Conditions for exchange of promotional vouchers

a) Sometimes we issue promotional vouchers that you can use on the Web. We will send them to you by email and you will only be able to exchange them on the Web. You will not be able to use them on People Sapiens website for other countries.

b) Promotional vouchers are only valid during the period therein indicated; they are single-use vouchers and are not combinable with other promotional vouchers. They may not apply to certain brands.

c) The balance of promotional vouchers cannot be used for paying third party Products.

d) If the amount of your order is lower than the promotional voucher value, you will not be paid or refunded the difference.

e) The balance of a promotional voucher generates no interest and has no actual monetary value.

f) If the amount of your order exceeds the promotional voucher value, you will have to pay the difference with another method of payment.


Conditions for exchange of gift vouchers

a) You can purchase gift vouchers for your own use or for third parties. You will receive these gift vouchers by email and you will only be able to exchange them on the Web.

b) Gift vouchers can only be exchanged on the Web and are not valid on People Sapiens website for other countries.

c) Gift vouchers cannot be used to purchase other gift vouchers and can only be purchased by credit or debit card and via PayPal.

d) The balance of a gift voucher is not combinable and has no actual monetary value. Gift vouchers can only be exchanged before making the order payment. Once completed, the orders cannot be modified.

e) To cancel a gift voucher Order, you can call to +34 673 747 425 at any time, as long as it has not yet been exchanged.

f) If the amount of your Order exceeds the gift voucher value, you will have to pay the difference with another method of payment.

g) You can use several vouchers for paying an Order and they are combinable with a promotional voucher per purchase.


10. Limited Responsibility

10.1 The present clause 10 prevails over all other clauses and describes our total Responsibility and your sole and exclusive remedies with respect to:

  1. a) Compliance, breach, alleged breach or delay in compliance with the present Terms and Conditions or the Contract or the Web (either in whole or in part).
  2. b) Any aspect relative to the present Terms and Conditions or the entry into force or compliance with these Terms and Conditions.


10.2 Nothing in the present Terms and Conditions will limit or exclude:

  1. a) Our Responsibility with respect to (i) wilful misconduct or gross negligence; (Ii) any breach of the obligations established by Law 7/1196, Royal Decree 1906/1999, Royal Decree 1/2007; or (iii) any Responsibility which cannot be limited by or excluded from the applicable law.
  2. b) Your legal rights as a consumer.


10.3 People Sapiens makes the maximum efforts to avoid any error in the contents appearing on this page. To carry out the purchase of products offered on the page, the user must register and accept the corresponding terms and conditions. The information, content and data of any kind in the pages of this website or its promotional campaigns are reviewed before their publication. However it is not possible to guarantee that they are absolutely free of misprints, typing errors, composition defects and equivalent problems, so People Sapiens recommends users to watch for possible updates or rectifications incorporated in its website.


10.4 Except in the cases mentioned in clause 10.2, we do not accept and by the present exclude any Responsibility for breach of obligations except for the Responsibilities derived from these Terms and Conditions.


10.5 Except in the cases provided in clause 10.2, we are not responsible for:

  1. a) Loss of income
    b) Loss of actual or expected profits
    c) Loss of contracts
    d) Loss of use of money
    e) Loss of expected savings
    f) Loss of business
    g) Loss of operating time
    h) Loss of opportunities
    i) Loss of clients
    j) Loss of reputation
    k) Data loss, damage or corruption
    l) Any indirect or consequential loss.


The exclusion of these Responsibilities includes both cases where they are foreseeable, known or expected and those where they are not. To avoid any doubts, the clauses 10.6 (a) 10.6 (l) apply in the case of direct, indirect, consequential or any other kind of loss.


10.6 Except as provided in section 10.2:

a) our total Responsibility regarding any Contract will not exceed, in whole and under no circumstances, the total amount of: i) 100 EUR; or ii) 110% of the value of the Contract corresponding to the derived action.

b) our total Responsibility with respect to you or to third parties will not, in whole and under no circumstances, the total amount of: i) 100 EUR; or ii) 110% of the total amount you have paid to us in the 12 months prior to the derived action.


10.7 The limitation of the Responsibility established in Clause 10.5 takes effect both in relation to any Responsibility expressly mentioned in the present Terms and Conditions and all Responsibility derived from the invalidity or unenforceability of any term of these Terms and Conditions.


10.8 In the present Terms and Conditions:

a) “Responsibility” refers to the responsibilities relating to the breach of Contract or obligations, false statements and restitution or any action of any nature derived from or relating to the present Terms and Conditions. These responsibilities include, without limitation, those expressly established in these Terms and Conditions or derived from the invalidity or unenforceability of any term of the present Terms and Conditions (according to this definition, any reference to “the present Terms and Conditions” will include any collateral Contract).


b) “Breach of duty” refers to the breach of (i) any obligation, express or implied in the terms of a Contract, relating to the reasonable attention or ability to fulfil the Contract or (ii) any obligation of common law relating to the reasonable attention or ability to fulfil the Contract.


11. Guaranty and complaint management

11.1 We fulfil the obligations under the present Terms and Conditions with reasonable attention and ability.


11.2 Our clients’ satisfaction is of paramount importance, so you can contact us at any time. Our contact details are in clause 1.1 of the present Terms and Conditions. We will try to quickly redirect your queries and will inform you on any change regarding your question or complaint. Issues related to guarantee are often directly linked to the manufacturer, so they may require a longer consultation.


11.3 In case of a complaint, it would be of great help if you provide us with a description as accurate as possible of the reason for your complaint and, if any, with a copy of your Order or the Order number contained in the Confirmation Email. If you do not receive a response within 5 working days, please contact us again. Sometimes, your emails may be automatically redirected to our spam mailbox or you may not receive ours for the same reason.


12. Data protection

See the “Privacy Policy” section of the present Terms and Conditions.


13. Force majeure

13.1 We are not responsible for breach, impediments or delays in the fulfilment of a Contract attributable to any force majeure, including without limitation any natural disaster, actions of third parties (including, in an expository and not limiting manner, hackers, distributors, and local, supranational and quasi-governmental and authorities), insurrections, riots, social unrest, wars, hostilities, warlike operations, national emergencies, terrorism, piracy, detentions, arrests made by the competent authorities, strikes, lockouts, epidemics, fires, explosions, storms, floods, drought, weather conditions, earthquakes, natural disasters, accidents, mechanical breakdowns, third-party software, absence or problems with the provision of public services (including issues with power, telecommunications or internet supply), shortage or lack of supplies, materials, equipment or transportation (“force majeure“), regardless of the foreseeability of such circumstances.


13.2 Both parties can terminate the Contract immediately, by written notification, if the force majeure does not cease from within 2 working days. In this case, neither party will be responsible for the termination (except for the reimbursement of the amount for a Product paid but not delivered).


14. Non-payment or dissolution of the company

14.1 Should you breach any of the obligations stipulated by a Contract, we will be able to terminate this Contract immediately by written notification and retain any amount corresponding to the Order you have paid in advance. In this case, you will have to compensate us for damages, losses, liabilities and expenses of any nature resulting from the termination of the Contract and pay any outstanding amount immediately.


14.2 The termination of the Contract will be carried out without prejudice to the rights or accumulated resources of any party and will not affect entry or stay in force of any express or implied provision that is expected to enter or remain in force after termination.


15. Notifications

15.1 Any notification relating to a Contract will be made in writing and physically delivered, by certified mail, with prepaid shipping or by email to the corresponding party, whose postal or email address will have been provided by this same party.


15.2 Notifications sent by mail must have been notified 2 working days prior to their shipment, provided that the sender’s address is within the Spanish territory. Notifications sent by email must have been notified upon receipt of that email in the recipient’s mail server. To verify the issuance of that notification, it will suffice with demonstrating that the shipment has been made to the right direction and, depending on the case, that it has been sent by certified mail or with prepaid shipping.


16. Advertising on the Web

16.1 We will do everything in our power to obey the regulations concerning page stipulated by the existing authorities in matters of advertising.


17. General

17.1 We will keep a register of your Orders and the present Terms and Conditions for a maximum period of six years from the acceptance of each Order. However, for future reference, we recommend you to print and keep a copy of the present Terms and Conditions, your Orders, the Acknowledgement of Receipt and the Order Confirmation Email.


17.2 No delay of the parties in the exercise of any right stipulated by the present Terms and Conditions or by a Contract will affect or represent a waiver of this or other right. Likewise, it will not prejudice the rights and resources relating to that right or modify or reduce the rights established by the present Terms and Conditions or by a Contract.


17.3 If any clause of the present Terms and Conditions is declared invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, that invalidity or unenforceability will not affect in any way the other clauses, in whole or in part, which will remain in full force providing that the present Terms and Conditions or the Contract remain in force without the clause established as inapplicable.


17.4 You will not assign, transmit, replace, command, subcontract, create a trust, entrust or use the present Terms and Conditions or a contract or the rights and obligations stipulated under these Terms and Conditions or under a Contract.


17.5 None of the points of the present Terms and Conditions or a contract will result or may result in a company, an agency or an employer-and-employee-type relationship between you and us.


17.6 None third person not involved in the present Terms and Conditions or the contract will acquire any right or benefit from those rights even if that third party has relied on the present Terms and Conditions or the contract or has declared its agreement with them.


17.7 These Terms and Conditions are governed by Spanish law. The parties submit, at their option, to resolve conflicts and renouncing to any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of the user’s residence. In addition, as an entity committed to CONFIANZA ONLINE and in the terms of its Ethical Code, in case of disputes relating to recruitment and online advertising, data protection, child protection and accessibility, the user may turn to CONFIANZA ONLINE’s out-of-court dispute resolution system http://www.confianzaonline.es/en, embodied in the Advertising Jury and the National Consumer Arbitration Council.


Amendment of general commercial Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to amend the present Terms and Conditions at any time. Any amendment of these Terms and Conditions will be published online. However, the uninterrupted use of the Web implies the acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions.


Part (B) – Terms of use


  1. In this page (together with the documents referred to) are established the terms of use (“Terms of Use“) from which you must use the website https://www.peoplesapiens.com (the “Web“), either as a visitor or as a registered user. Read these conditions carefully before starting using the Web. Using the Web implies your acceptance and compliance with these Terms of Use. The use of any part of the Web constitutes your acceptance of these Terms of Use. This acceptance takes effect with the first use of the Web. If you do not agree with the provisions of these Terms of Use, you should cease your use of the Web immediately.
  2. The Web is directed by LikeSport 2020 S.L. (“we”), a company registered under number B 98377625 and with tax address in the Industrial Park El Plà c/ Diables 34, 46870 Ontinyent (VLC), Spain.
  3. We reserve the right to modify the present Terms of Use online at any time and without previous notification. It is your responsibility to regularly review the information published online with the aim of knowing on time what changes have been made. The continued use of the Web once changes have been published implies your acceptance of the amended Terms of use.
  4. You will be responsible for any access to the Web made from your Internet connection and for the information provided to others regarding the present Terms of Use.
  5. You may not use the Web or subject that Web, us or any user to anything that:

a) Breaches any law, statute, rule or regulation.

b) Is fraudulent, criminal or illegal.

c) Is inaccurate or outdated.

d) May be obscene, indecent, pornographic, vulgar, profane, racist, sexist, discriminatory, offensive, derogatory, harmful, harassing, threatening, embarrassing, malicious, abusive, hateful, threatening, defamatory, false or political.

e) Pretending to be another person or body or distorting the relationship with any person or body.

f) Infringes or violates copyright or intellectual property (including without limitation copyright, trademark or transmission rights).

g) May be contrary to our interests.

h) Is contrary to any specific rule or requirement of those stipulated in the Web related to a particular part of the entire Web.

i) Involves the use, delivery or transmission of viruses, spam emails, Trojans, capture doors, traps, Easter eggs, worms, time bombs, cancelboots or any programming routine that is intended to damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information.

6. Hereby, you grant us an irrevocable, free, universal, transferable, sublicensable license to use any material you submit to us or to our Web in order to use it on the Web or for marketing our services (by any means and in any medium).

7. Comments or any other material published on the Web are not intended to establish the trust deposited in it. Thus, we disclaim any responsibility derived from reliance deposited on those materials by any visitor to the Web or by any person who has received information about its content.

8. You accept to fulfil at all times the instructions for use of the Web that we update periodically.


Availability of the Web, security and fidelity

  1. Despite making an effort to maintain the Web available 24 hours, we are not responsible if, for any reason, the Web is unavailable at any time or for any period. We cannot guarantee, due to the nature of the Internet, that the Web is error-free, uninterrupted or timely operating. Sometimes we will have to carry out works for improvement, maintenance or introduction of new services and functions.
  2. The page may deny or suspend access to you or to any user both temporary or permanently at any time and without previous notice. We may also impose restrictions for any reason relating to the time and mode of use of any part of the Web. If these restrictions are imposed to you personally, you cannot try to use the Web under any other user name.
  3. We cannot guarantee that the site is compatible with all hardware and software. We are not responsible for any damage, virus or other code that may affect your computer, software, data or other property due to the access to our Web, to its use or to the download of any material contained therein. Likewise, we are not responsible for the actions carried out by third parties.
  4. We may modify or update the contents of the Web without previous notice.
  5. Despite making an effort to ensure that the information and materials on the Web are correct, we cannot guarantee or assure, expressly or implicitly, that they are complete and accurate, up-to-date and suitable for a particular purpose. In addition, to the extent permitted by law, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions. This will not affect any of the obligations established by the contract formalized for the supply of products, including any obligation concerning the provision of information and advice that we carry out through a part of the Web, which is available to users who use an appropriate password.


Registration on the Web

  1. To place an order on the web and purchase any of their products, you must create a user account (an “Account”), which you can access from the “My user account” section of the Web. To register, you must enter your name, zip code and email address, as well as other possible information. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.
  2. Once registered on the Web, you will have to specify a username and a password, which you should keep confidential. If the password becomes known by third parties, an unauthorized use of your Account or email is detected or a violation of safety is perceived, you should immediately notify it. The disclosure of password to third parties implies the acceptance of the authority of those third parties to act as an agent, to use your Account and/or to conduct business with it. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password.
  3. To place an order on the web and purchase any of their products, you must create a user account (an “Account”), which you can access from the “My user account” section of the Web. To register, you must enter your name, zip code and email address, as well as other possible information. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.
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